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             Trenton took up an interest in BMX racing after a friend invited him to one of his BMX races April 2002.  Trenton just learning to ride without his training wheels two weeks prior, gets out on the track during practice night April 30th, 2002, he loved it!  We now had to purchase all the necessary equipment, bike, safety gear (helmet, chest protection) so he looked like he belonged out there. Since then, his motivation for the sport continues to grow with every race and practice night.  He understands you don't always win a trophy and that he must work hard to win.  Learning about the sport is a continuous process, the rules, the different bike parks and techniques to make him faster.  We are very proud of Trenton, his progress and his determination to win!  You can follow Trenton's progress by visiting his "Stats Page".  January 2005 - Trenton gets picked up by new ATi Factory Team. 

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