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BMX Practice 05-07-2002  12.jpg (699207 bytes)

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Trenton and his buddy Kyle, the friend that created this new BMX Monster!


AGE: 9
4' 3''
65 lbs.

9 / Expert

Current Class Plate # :

Factory Team Rider:

BIKE #1:
FMF Carbon Fiber
COLOR: Canary Yellow
ATi Vader/DS Monocoque Pads, Vader/DS Mini Plate with "The Warlock" Warwick Stevenson signature BMX grips

BIKE #2: Intense Jr. XL
COLOR: Midnight Blue
ATi Vader/DS Monocoque Pads, Vader/DS Mini Plate with "The Warlock" Warwick Stevenson signature BMX grips

Midnight Blue



Favorite AA Pro:
Warwick "Warlock" Stevenson

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BMX Practice 05-07-2002  15.jpg (893581 bytes)

BMX Race 06-19-2002   4.jpg (237252 bytes)
Trenton's trophy

BMX 06-28-2002   1.jpg (246295 bytes)
Warm up prior to
6-28-02's race 


Ride ATi

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Ride ATi

Triple-T get some priceless training from the "Warlock", 
Warwick Stevenson, ABA's #1 AA Pro.  Warwick worked with Trenton for about an 1 1/2 hrs the Thursday before the ABA 2004 Spring Nationals in Bakersfield.
Thanks Warrick and Bruce!
05-31-2004  61.JPG (1004944 bytes)
05-31-2004  59.JPG (516350 bytes) 05-31-2004  60.JPG (964278 bytes) 05-31-2004  69.JPG (883535 bytes)
05-31-2004  58.JPG (497708 bytes) 05-31-2004__71.JPG (981065 bytes) 05-31-2004  57.JPG (625984 bytes) 05-31-2004  82.JPG (642824 bytes)

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Novice -Front Cover.jpg (124149 bytes) Intermediate - Front Cover.jpg (125336 bytes) Expert -Front Cover.jpg (335980 bytes) Back Cover.jpg (135027 bytes)
05-31-2004  12.JPG (478711 bytes) 05-31-2004  46.JPG (688420 bytes) 05-31-2004  70.JPG (703516 bytes) 05-31-2004  79.JPG (514492 bytes)
FxArm_007.jpg (141628 bytes) Trenton breaks yet another bone(s) 1 week before the Winter National in Phoenix.  Jumping a double during warm ups, he decides to turn his bars in mid-air and forgets to center them before his landing resulted in him fracturing both bones in his lower right arm.
Trenton Triple-T 
takes the WIN at the ABA 2003 Grand Nationals
in Tulsa, OK

Watch & Listen to 
Trenton "Triple-T" Taylor take the #1 Spot in his class race in Tulsa!

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 2003 ABA Grands 151.jpg (473817 bytes) 2003 ABA Grands 161.jpg (329072 bytes) 2003 ABA Grands 153.jpg (367659 bytes) 2003 ABA Grands 166.jpg (373776 bytes)
2003 ABA Grands 070.jpg (387460 bytes) 2003 ABA Grands 171.jpg (366705 bytes) 2003 ABA Grands 135.jpg (463267 bytes)
2003 ABA Grands 125.jpg (197050 bytes) 2003 ABA Grands 050.jpg (313332 bytes)

Supercross BMXBig Knobby Squad

Home of the 2003
Redline Cup Champion West
  RLC Champ.jpg (715303 bytes)   Mesquite2003 032.jpg (272626 bytes) 
Trenton with his 1st Place Trophy, #1 Number Plate.  Trenton also receives a custom jacket awarded "Champion" title for winning the Redline Cup - West  Finals. 

Home of the 2003 State Champion
Nor-Cal State Finals 09-14-2003  31.jpg (604514 bytes) Nor-Cal State Finals 09-14-2003  28.jpg (781597 bytes) Nor-Cal State Finals 09-14-2003  35.jpg (541697 bytes)
Trenton holding up his 1st Place Trophy, #1 Number Plate and Gear Bag at the
State Finals Race.  Trenton, his friend & closest competitor, State Champion #3, Braden Sauer.

Trenton does it at the 
BLACKJACK NATIONALS RENO 2003   2.jpg (520298 bytes)
BLACKJACK NATIONALS RENO 2003  14.jpg (673508 bytes)
Blackjack Nationals in Reno, NV

Supercross BMXBig Knobby Squad

Trenton poses with AA Pro Warwick “The Warlock” Stevenson at the 2003 ABA World Championship Races in Reno

ABA_BMX_WORLD_CHAMPIONSHIP_RENO_08-04-2003__29.jpg (706603 bytes)


ABA_BMX_WORLD_CHAMPIONSHIP_RENO_08-04-2003__14.jpg (586216 bytes)  

ABA_BMX_WORLD_CHAMPIONSHIP_RENO_08-04-2003___9.jpg (559187 bytes)

Trenton off the gate keeping a close eye on his competitors.


Team_Photo_Shoot_for_Disney_HP_08-06-2003__17.jpg (550052 bytes)
Trenton and his fellow teammates take a few snapshots for a Disney HP Commercial.

Need A Gear Chart!

Big Knobby Squad

The 2003 Team Look (old team).
BMX 02-12-2003   1.jpg (432123 bytes)
Triple "T"

Trenton first race for 
"Wildthing Racing" ATi Supercross AC

Trenton off the gate in 2nd

Spring Nantionals 2003   1.jpg (603976 bytes)
Trenton with his coaches
Spring Nantionals 2003  12.jpg (543527 bytes) Spring Nantionals 2003  10.jpg (562238 bytes)
ABA Spring Nationals, Lancaster, CA

December 7, 2002 - Trenton goes down, hits hard during warm ups and complains that he broke his arm but he shakes it off , gets up, competes in 3 races.  After an examination the next morning, it was evident that Trenton had broken his Right Clavicle (collar bone).  We took him to an urgent care facility which takes an x-ray to confirm our diagnosis.  He's out of competition for 4-6 weeks.  We hope he'll start racing again around January 15, 2003.

Trenton Clavicle Fx 12-08-2002   1.jpg (448721 bytes)     Trenton Clavicle Fx 12-08-2002   2.jpg (454996 bytes)

BMX Practice 05-07-2002  21.jpg (581857 bytes)

BMX Practice 05-07-2002  13.jpg (916308 bytes)

More BMX photo's of Trenton here!
Newest photos can be found at the end of the album!!!
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Supercross BMXBig Knobby Squad

tttstepup.jpg (110253 bytes)

Trenton Stepping Up from Novice to Intermediate 

BMX Trophies  19.jpg (653080 bytes)
Triple "T" takes another #1 spot!
BMX 07-03-2002   2.jpg (331700 bytes) BMX 07-03-2002   7.jpg (460461 bytes)
Trenton takes another number two spot!
BMX 07-03-2002   5.jpg (844921 bytes)
Trenton poses for the BMXer Magazine Photographers
BMXer Cover.jpg (384892 bytes)

Fall Nationals-Del Mar- 10-26-2002  36.jpg (701156 bytes)

October 25-27, 2002
Trenton participates in the ABA Fall Nationals in Del Mar, California

Fall National Trophies - 2002.jpg (41879 bytes)
He won himself 2 trophies
BMX 06-29-2002  17.jpg (264024 bytes)
Trenton races in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's "RACE FOR LIFE" Weekend. 

BMX 06-28-2002  19.jpg (261126 bytes)

Trenton raced with the wolves again, tonight 6 year old Intermediate class.  Takes 3rd even after a hard crash in the 2nd qualifier.  Way to go!

BMX 06-26-2002   2.jpg (170128 bytes)
Trenton takes the # 3 spot in tonight race where he raced the Intermediate class due to a Novice shortage. 
Racing experienced riders!
BMX Race 06-19-2002   1.jpg (199963 bytes)
Trenton takes 2nd place again after a very tough race.  Each of the rides in this race "crashed" and hit dirt at least once!


Trenton takes another #2 spot in tonight's race.  Folks, this was a photo finish.  We're talking by an inch or less!

BMX 06-12-2002   2.jpg (573022 bytes)
Trenton tries to catch up with the 1st & 2nd place leaders.  Lands the # 3 spot!

BMX 06-29-2002   9.jpg (189793 bytes) BMX 06-29-2002  14.jpg (312438 bytes)

Race 06-07-2002   1.jpg (514361 bytes)
Trenton almost takes 1st place in this evening's event, ended up taking 2nd place only by a few peddles. 

BMX Race 05-31-2002   1.jpg (462805 bytes)

Trenton takes 3rd in his


BMX First Race 05-08-2002   2.jpg (720432 bytes)
Trenton's 1st race trophy.  Still a little stunned!

BMX First Race 05-08-2002   4.jpg (509945 bytes)

BMX 06-28-2002  16.jpg (597453 bytes)

BMX 06-29-2002  16.jpg (284632 bytes)

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