Welcome to my cousin's picture page "Fu Jie Ru" (Elena Rose Chow)

        The Chow/Matney/Taylor/Family proudly presents our newest addition.  We hope to create an environment rich with love, support and a unique outlook on life that only our family could provide.  I hope that her pensive look is a reflection of intellect as well as insightful thought, as our family's humor has produced some uniquely goofy people.  In her case I know she will enrich our lives greatly and we are blessed to have been chosen as her family!

This is what Donna & Mike had to say in their latest E-Mailings;

October 7th, 2000

Hello family and friends, 

All is going well here. We are now officially parents. She is sleeping at this time, which is allowing us to type this. She is actually a very pleasant baby. She smiles all the time. She only cried once so far. We were so excited to play with her, we wouldn't let her sleep and she let us know. We are not yet in any routine.

We are attempting to download some photos. Our friend Erica, had a digital camera.

Our video camera didn't work, so we have no video! The humidity put it on the fritz.

The orphanage was incredible. All the caregivers were really nice. You could tell they really cared about the kids.

As you hopefully can see, she has her dad's eyes. Unfortunately, she has my skin. Heat rash and eczema. (more than you wanted to know)

Ok this is short and sweet. We are all fine. And we will have the next few days to relax before we start on paperwork on Monday.

Talk to you all soon.


Mike, Donna and Elena

"Well everyone,

Here she is!! Her Chinese name is Fu Jie Ru (Purity and Happiness)
She was born on 11/20/99 and abandoned one week later at an orphanage in
Sansui (about an hour and a half North of Hong Kong).

She is very healthy. She likes to smile and likes music (like her dad).

She is only 3 months old in this picture, and she is 8 1/2 months old now.
They told us not to get attached to the picture. Chances are she may not
look anything like the photo when we get her. They said occasionally (but
rare) you may even get a different child.

It looks like we will travel late Sept. or early Oct.

More details later. Just knew you would all like to see our little bundle.
English name is pending.....Mike still says Elena

Talk to you all soon.

Mike and Donna"

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